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Wire (2019)

Second cover in a sequence of 3, set to release Summer 2019.  The first cover, "Plug," was released by D1rty Redd.  "Wire," is by NebLuv, and "Connect," (work in progress) is a collaboration with D.E.Z. Beats.

Concept: Juxtaposed to her alter ego (D1rty Redd), NebLuv is softer  and seductive; vibrant, regal colors were selected to reflect her nature; a similar knockout technique was used with the font, but Neb is not directly making eye contact with the viewer.  Non-confrontational, contemplative.

bang city 2 (2019)

Sometimes I get a lot of creative direction from clients, sometimes I don't.  In the case of Bang City 2, Neb sent me a photo,  asking that I use it for the cover, and that was it.  Later, while experimenting with her new Apple Pencil, she texted me the title of the album in her own handwriting. Since I couldn't find a font I liked, I used her scrawl, adjusting the colors within the piece to balance it out.  


Turned out absolutely beautiful.

Keep it 100 (2019)

Single release, Summer 2019.

NebLuv was highly particular about this cover, and adamant that only the heart be shown on the front.  She didn't even want her name on it, stating that nothing should distract from the message.  It's the first time we've disagreed, and you know what?  She was right.  

Keep it 100

(original concept)

Here's the original image I sent her.  Her reaction?  "It's awesome, but remove all the text, wires, designs, and my logo."


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