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Kees is a Los Angeles-based singer, rapper. songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.  He reached out to me on Instagram after returning from playing SXSW 2019, asking if I'd be willing to give my opinion on a new song he was releasing.  To this day, I still have no idea how he got my name.  But I'm so happy he did - he's profoundly gifted and a joy to know.  

Let It All Go (2019)

'Let It All Go,' is a song about abandoning one's inhibitions.  However, I saw this photo and found it to be thought-provoking and well-matched to the song title.  So, while this isn't an actual piece from a client, I love the concept and the finished image.

Red (2019)

Played around with my Apple Pencil and this happened.  Simple and beautiful.

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