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NebLuv Bday

Neb told me that she was throwing herself a birthday party, so I surprised her with a social media flyer she could post online.

Using one of my favorite photos of her, desaturated, I layered in the featured artists and text.  Simple, quick, and beautiful.  I just love this piece.

Lil' Flip


Tucson gig (2019)

Wish I could take full credit for this, but I can't.  NebLuv sent me a pic of Lil' Flip from a previous flyer and asked that I pull something together quickly for this gig.

I revamped every aspect, inserted Neb and Bone the Mack, changed the background, added flares and text, and threw a gold haze over the whole thing.

I love it, but props also go out to the original artist, wherever you are.

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