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D1rty redd

PLUG (2019)

First of 3 covers in a series of music releases over Summer 2019:  Plug, Wire, Connect.  Wire released under NebLuv; Connect is a collaboration with D.E.Z. Beats.

Concept:  D1rty Redd is the source, electrical plug, color red, incognito.

Print (2019)

First single from PLUG.  Consistent theme.

Speak Up and

invasion (2019)

Along with Invasion, D1rty Redd released Speak Up, in support of survivors of abuse, violence, and rape. 

Concept:  Redd was specific regarding the look and feel of these covers.  The inclusion of her stylized image was my idea; it's based on a screen cap from a freestyle session she posted on the internet.  She wasn't aware I incorporated it until she saw the finished piece.  It's humble and strong, emotive, stark, and complex.  We were aiming for an empowered message, and I think we nailed it.

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